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“Letting go is the hardest asana”

Breathe In, Breathe Out


My Story

The Journey

Antonella is yoga teacher and trainee in Thai Yoga Massage Therapies.

Her classes are physically challenging, though skillfully adapted to the students’ needs and abilites, mentally stimulating and emotionally uplifiting. Her warmth, humour, lighthearted approach and love for yoga will inspire and guide you.

Antonella is passionate about sharing the transformational techniques of yoga and supporting students in their journey to reconnect with the body and explore its full potential as well as respecting its limitations.

Fully trained at Sam Rao School of Yoga and affiliated to Yoga Alliance, Antonella has been teaching yoga since January 2016 and continues her learning and yoga journey by taking part regularly in many varied classes, workshops and courses.

In order to support and foster a healthy body and the sense of mindfulness and peace in the surrounding community, Antonella has worked in collaboration with practitioners from a variety of fields and disciplines. Together we offer many diverse approaches to achieve and maintain your optimal health. Whether you are experiencing pain or simply want to improve your physical and mental wellbeing, antonella yoga provides a healing and friendly environment to do so.

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Our Classes and Styles of Yoga


Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga can mean a lot of things. One widely-used definition of hatha is "movement," so any asana class is a hatha class. 
A yoga class described as ‘Hatha' will typically involve a set of physical postures and breathing techniques, practised more slowly and with more static posture holds than perhaps a Vinyasa flow or Ashtanga class.
This particular class helps build a strong core from which one can transition into new positions and exercises. This flow centers around control and precision, with a diversity of exercises and modifications to suit a wide range of levels from beginner to advanced. With this class, you will learn and practice the tools needed to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle, while also remaining mindful in every act you perform.

Vinyasa Yoga

This popular class is based on the belief that mental and physical health are interrelated, and should be conditioned together. The word predates yoga as a physical practice.

Vinyasa Yoga teaches us to cultivate an awarenss that links each action to the next – on the mat and in our lives. The word predates yoga as a physical practice.The word predates yoga as a physical practice. Vinyasa was about mindfulness in the movements and decisions you made.

Vinyasa yoga, in short, is characterized by continuous movement linked with the breath. It is in a Vinyasa class where you’ll most likely see things like Sun Salutations and “flowing”.  Vinyasa means a gradual progression or a step-by-step approach that systematically and appropriately takes a student from one point and safely lands them at the next point. It is sometimes described as the "breathing system," or the union of breath and movement that make up the steps.

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Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga is a hidden gem of a yoga style, appropriate for a wide spectrum of practitioners it moves at a slow and steady pace. Asanas are primarily floor-based, reclined or seated with few, if any, standing poses.
Gentle Yoga offers a relaxed learning curve as the teacher will break down and explain the poses as you go with modifications, repetition and step-by-step adjustments if necessary. 
Gentle yoga lies somewhere along the spectrum between flow and a class that is mostly seated or with long holds (such as restorative or yin yoga). It offers nurturing, kindness, and compassion for the body, regardless of whether a student is injured or healthy, young or old, pregnant or not. In other words, it is not simply your vinyasa or power yoga class slowed down a bit. Gentle yoga seeks to provide therapeutic modifications to common yoga poses.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slower-paced, more meditative version of yoga. In Yin yoga, the poses are held for a long period of time (typically three to five minutes or longer) to target the connective tissues (such as ligaments, joints and fascia) rather than focusing on the muscles. As a result, the asanas are more passive holds, “unhurried postures unstained by striving” as Sarah Powers describes it. Yin is slower, cooler, inner, softer and in this quiet place we learn to listen more attentively to our body.
There are many benefits in practising Yin Yoga including

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Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. During the long holds of restorative yoga, however, your muscles are allowed to relax deeply. It's a unique feeling because props, rather than your muscles, are used to support your body.
In Restorative Yoga the practitioner lengthens, slows and cools down the body. Both styles, Yin and Restorative, are passive and both styles are restorative in nature. The main difference is that in a Restorative Yoga class the practitioner is asked to be 100% comfortable. In a Yin Yoga class discomfort is welcome.
Restorative Yoga is perfect for people recovering from illness or injury as lots of props are offered and the poses are not super challenging. Based on the teachings of the late B.K.S Iyengar, Restorative Yoga at its core is a practice of passive healing. It is intended to carry the student into a deep state of relaxation by completely supporting the body in propped-up asanas.  When practicing Restorative Yoga the physical sensations are minimal as the body finds space to gently surrender and soften into the support of the props.


"What we think, we become"



About My Teaching Style

My Journey, My Story, My Yoga

My lighthearted gentle teaching style is inspired by the many and varied classes, trainings and workshops I have completed over the years. 
I aim to combine the creativity of Vinyasa with the precision of Iyengar, the slow, restorative benefits of Yin Yoga, from the Taoist tradition, with the and the ancient teachings of Hatha Yoga to offer students an opportunity to practice in a loving, empowering, inspiring and safe environment. Yoga is my connection to a peaceful space and the key to finding balance out of chaos and confusion, physically, mentally and emotionally.
My goal is to share my experience and the many benefits of Yoga. My biggest reward is to see the results in the happy faces of my students when they leave the class with a smile, having released that pain in the lower back, opened their shoulders to revert the desk slouch, learnt how to breathe, feeling more centered and relaxed yet energized. I want to show how yoga can help and can change people - regardless of age, life stage, ability and experience. 
I want to share all I have learnt on my journey with other souls who are embarking on their own voyage of self-exploration. The Yoga classes I offer are a blend of creative, mindful and loving sequences that are both playfully challenging and spiritually uplifting. I share an alignment based, elegant flow that includes all aspects of a complete practice: asana, pranayama, Shavasana and meditation. Whilst I have a broad range of experience, my strongest abilities lie in Traditional Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and meditative practices like Restorative and Yin Yoga. I also infuse elements of music and mantra chanting during my classes. What I share encompasses my passion for yoga with a sparkling joy of life and always from a space of the heart. I love to inspire people on their way of self-knowledge and awareness


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